When I was a teenager I asked all of my grandparents the names of their parents.
How I wish I had asked them more information. It was many, many years later that
I started my search and, of course, my grandparents weren't around to ask. If only..
I had asked more and remembered. If only the census had started sooner. If only
the census had included the names of the members of the household sooner. If
only there were birth certificates and death certificates and marriage license sooner.
But there wasn't so we look for clues and paper trails. If everyone puts their pieces
of the puzzles together maybe we will find some answers.
I am descended from Thomas Howell, born about 1790, who married Mary Wooten
(or possibly she was Mary Trapp). To date I have not been able to connect Thomas
to his parents although we have some educated guesses.
I am descended from Abel Strickland, born about 1820-1822 in South Carolina, who
married Martha (unknown). Somewhere there may be a document as to their parents.
Somewhere there may be someone still living that remembers stories passed down
or has papers passed down. We hope to get as many people as possible to join
our search.  Talk to the older members of the family. ask about old paperwork, ask
to hear family stories passed down through the generations. Connected to our families
are many other families and the answers may come from "cousins" you didn't even know
were related. A few of the families that connect to mine are Martin, Medlin, Goins,
Hammond, Corder, Griffin, Whittle, Corley, Berry and so many more. I recently found out
that a man who was on the police force with my father was his cousin. I always thought he
was just a family friend. Please reply to the messages with any information you have to
share. Possibly we have information you are looking for too. 
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This Howell/Strickland Information posted for Brenda Laney. Contact her @    brendal@earthlink.net