Dr. Samuel Percival, b, 5/31/1781, received land in 1842 on Gills and Big Jackson Creeks. He married Charlote E. Marshall. His son Gaillard Percival, b, 1830, was living as a farmer in the 1900 census in Center Township on the now Ft. Jackson land . Gaillard was also found in Richland County in the 1850 census. Gaillard married Mary McDonald and had seven children. Land owned by the Percivals near Ft. Jackson is being farmed today by the Monroe family Percival descendants. The following is some of the information I have on Dr. Percival's family.
1. Lt. James Percival, Sr., b. Feb. 1614, VA, d. Aft. 19 Jan 1689, Saconessett, MA
m. Mary (Rainsford) Bassett, b. 1 Jun 1632, Boston, MA, d. 12 Apr 1694, Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
2. James Percival, Jr., b. 18 Jan 1671, Sandwich, Barnstable, MA, d. 19 May 1738, East Haddam, CT
m. Abigail Robinson, b. 20 Mar 1673, Falmouth, Barnstable, MA, d. Aft 1728, East Haddam, CT
3. Capt. John Percival, b 17 Oct 1706, East Haddam, Middlesex, CT, d. 14 Sept 1786, E. Haddam Middlesex Co., CT
m. Hannah Whitmore, b. 11 Sept 1711, Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT, d. 2 May 1803, East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT
4. Dr. Francis Percival, b. 7 Aug 1743, East Haddam, Middlesex, CT, d. 16 Nov 1823, Somers, Tolland Co., CT
m. Miriam Chapman, b. 2 Mar 1749, East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT, d. 20 Mar 1837, Somers, Tolland Co., CT
5. Dr. Samuel Percival, b. 31 May 1781, East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT, d. 30 Dec 1848, Columbia, SC
m. Charlotte Eleanor Marshall, b. 1795 charleston, SC, d. 13 Mar 1864, Columbia, SC
Both are bu. Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery,
Children of Dr. Samuel Percival and Charlotte Eleanor Marshall:
 1. Dr. Willilam Francis Percival, b. 18 Dec 1814, Columbia, Sc, d. 16 May 1872, Aiken, SC
 2. Charlotte Marshall Percival, 24 Dec 1814, Columbia, d. 26 Mar 1899, Columbia, SC
 3. Theodore Marshall Percival, 1817, Columbia, SC, Bet. 1874 - 1880, SC
 4. Clarence A. Percival, b. 1818, d. 5 Jan 1835, Columbia, SC
 5. Edward Samuel Percival, b. 1820, d. 31 Dec 1891, Columbia, SC
 6. Spencer Louis Percival, b. 22 Nov 1821, Spring Bank Plantation, Columbia, SC, d. 13 Feb 1904, York Co., SC
 7. Gaillard Percival, b. Mar 1830, Richland Co., SC, d. 2 Feb 1902, Richland Co., SC
 8. Carrie Eleanor Percival, b. 9 Feb 1832, Columbia, SC, d. 20 Dec 1897, Columbia, SC
 9. Frederick Habershaw Percival, b. 1838, colummbia, SC, d. 21 Nov 1885, Columbia, SC
10. Neville N. Percival, b. 1824, d. 15 Aug 1896, Columbia, SC 

Does anyone know which Percival the road was named after?

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