The Wises settled in the Pee Dee area of SC around the mid 1700s. Later John Wise moved on into now Clarendon County. John Henry Wise, b. e1790 and his father John Wise Sr., moved to Bull Swamp in Lexington County around 1810. This area is known today as Swansea, SC. Around 1854 John Wise ,born 1817, being a saw miller decided to move to Richland County. He and family settled on Cedar Creek near the town of Gadsden, SC. He later moved on to the land we know today as Ft. Jackson. He constructed the Messer Mill Pond that is on the post today. John Wise married Mary Leanna Williams, daughter of Elias Williams and Ann Wolfe. John and Mary Williams had a son named John Henry Wise, born in 1853. He lived on Colonel's Creek and operated a milll and store. He married Mary Jane Roberts from Chester County. After the land purchase he and family returned to Swansea where he was born. Click on blue name headliner to post replies and see replies posted.