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There is much information on Richland County History provided by the group listed below and their link. I wanted to reaffirm that there were Cherokees in SC. I believe this is necessary because of a recent posting on the Reunion's Face Book declaring otherwise.

For a very historical view of Richland County including the Paleoindian Period to modern times click the link and enjoy the results of many people who contributed to this worth while venture.


Upper Richland County South Carolina
Historical and
Edwards-Pitman Environmental, Inc.
Excerpts from the above link
After the Yemassee War (1715-1716), in which approximately fifteen tribes
unsuccessfully attempted to drive out white settlers, the Congaree left central South
Carolina to join the Catawba. The Wateree followed and by 1740, both tribes were no
longer a presence in central South Carolina. The Cherokee, who had refused to side with
Natives in the war and instead backed the English, continued to trade along the path that
connected their territory to Charleston. They remained a presence until after the Cherokee
War (1760-1761) when they abandoned any claim to land south of the current border
between Anderson and Abbeville counties
During the historic period, the Congaree, Wateree, Catawba and Cherokee were the most
important tribes associated with the area that is now Richland County.