Samuel Boone, Sr., Brother of Daniel Boone

Samuel Boone, Jr. was born March 21, 1758 on the Yadkin River, North Carolina. Sometime after, his family moved to SC and settled in the Camden District on the Congaree River. He served as a minuteman under Captain Cook as Captain and Malachi Wiston as Lieutenant in the regiment of Colonel Robert Goodwyn, Colonel John Russell commanding. Boone and other militia met at the ‘New Store’ on the Congaree around the first of July 1776. This store is believed to be the Chestnut-Kershaw store, later captured by the British, fortified into a fort known later as Fort Granby.

Their unit marched on to Charles Towne and to Beaufort Island. Their commander was Robert Goodwyn under General Joseph Kershaw. Boone’s first tour at Charleston was under Richard Richardson. This enlistment was as a substitute for his father, Samuel Sr.

Samuel also served another enlistment as a substitute for his father Samuel, Sr. early in 1778 and Cook commanded the company under Goodwyn as colonel with General Lincoln, regular army, as overall commander. Their meeting place was Friday’s Ferry on the Congaree River. There were other tours of enlistment and in March 1779 Samuel left SC for Kentucky stopping briefly in NC.

Daniel Boone was raising a volunteer company in North Carolina to go to Kentucky to fight the Indians who were fighting with the British. Samuel Jr. obtained a dismissal from the service in SC to serve under his uncle, Colonel Daniel Boone. In all Samuel Boone, Jr. served his country throughout the Revolution War fighting the British or the Indians and was active at the close of the war in April, 1783.

It is believed that all of the male Boones left SC. However there were at least two females who may have remained, both marrying local men. One married a Mr. White. Perhaps there are descendents of the daughters living today in or around Richland County and perhaps on the land called Ft. Jackson today.

JJH 11/19/2010

Records of Rev War Pensions of Soldiers who settled in Fayette County, Ky.
Annie Walker Burns, compiler, Washington, DC, 1936
Copy held by the Kentucky Room, Lexington Public Library
Call number: R976.947 B412Br KY1936