The Building of Ft. Congaree #2 At Granby

On May 30th 1747 the Council Journal contained a resolution passed by his Majesty that a palisade at the Congarees be constructed with the aid of an officer and twenty men for protection from the Indians.The officer to carry this order forward would be Captain James Campbell and twenty local inhabitants.  Campbell was Royal Engineer for SC & Ga. Three hundred pounds were set aside for the construction. On February 10th 1748 Captain Campbell was informed and agreed to the three hundred pounds

Campbell had earlier petitioned the governnor on January 12th, 1748 for two hundred and fifty acres. This petition was for land on the Congarees. This was the beginning of the family that would eventually grow and settle on the land known today as Ft. Jackson. 

On February 8, 1748 Campbell presented the plan of the newly constructed fort for approval. Captain James Campbell's white indentured servant was Peter Smith who was overseer of the construction. Smith married Sarah Howell and acquired several tracts of land. His will indicates that he was quite well off. One of his heirs was Captain Campbell's daughter.

The location of Fort Congaree #2 has recently been discovered (2014).

Info courtesy of Florence Keels through The Journal of The Campbells & Allied Families.

John Howell/12/4/2014