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Contacts For Study Groups:

Brenda Laney @ bren1942@charter.net
Furman Martin @ badoutlaw@gmail.com
John Howell @ jjhowell41@aol.com

A Study Group is now forming in Columbia for Landowners' Descendants who live within driving distance of Columbia. Plans are to meet periodical over coffee and or breakfast at local restaurants and enjoy each other's comments on their ancestors. Contact one of the above contacts for more information.

A project is ongoing to produce a book listing crimes committed in Richland County including the area now Ft. Jackson.

Recently after being concerned that future descendents may not know where certain locations such as old home sites, cemeteries, churches, or other locations I decided to record GPS coordinates of my family location sites. This way future researchers will know where these places are. Perhaps GPS will lead them to a pasture, a patch of woods, a field, or a modern shopping center but they will know they are standing on the land of their ancestors. 


DNA-It's a GENEthing!

Let us know if there is DNA on any of our Ft. Jackson family and we will list the names. DNA is a must for serious genealogy researchers. Family Bibles may lie (on family listing) but DNA doesn't! FTDNA is the largest DNA service. Several others have gone out of business. Ancestry is dropping their DNA program. DNA matches from different services are not shared with each. This means if two of your family tests but with different services the matches will not be shown.

Families Tested: Strickland, Howell, Wise

The creeks are still flowing as well as some of the dusty roads are still winding. Our ancestors are gone but memories are forever. We are fortunate in one way. Had the military not taken the land most likely there would be subdivisions along with strip shopping centers all over the land. The army kept some of the roads as they were. One can see some of the old home sites as I did when I visited and found my grandfather's place. Remnants of the chimney were there along with the old well that was filled in to protect man and beast. Best of all we can keep these memories fresh in mind with our genealogy study and preservation of what we know. The best way of doing this is to participate in genealogy study, documenting, and passing on our heritage of our ancestors to our descendants. Remember our descendants won't know unless we know.

JJH 10/16/2014

My Ancestor's Land

While standing around the old filled in well,

It seems if I had been here before but cannot tell.

The old crumbling chimney stood so tall as if to say,

This room is where your ancestors started each day.

Outback I visioned the barn and beyond the fields,

Which were plowed and planted for different yields.

The vision continued and I swear I could see,

A man plowing his mule as he waved to me.

My thoughts were mixed and with some bits of scorn.

I said it could not be as they died before I was born.

To figure this all out is too much for me,

Instead I walk with faith and through Him I see.









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