October 25, 2011

In the early days of farming, when everyone was doing their plowing with mules, a
farmer always prided himself on having a straight row. You could stand at the end of his
field and look down the row of grain, cotton or whatever, and the rows were perfectly

After the dust bowl days of the 1930’s the soil conservation districts were established and
the farmers were shown how to terrace their land to prevent erosion and contour farming
was established, doing away with the straight rows.

In the early twentieth century a young new landowner moved into the community and
started farming a large section of land. It was apparent that this was his first try at
farming as the rows in his field were not very straight.

One day while visiting with a neighboring farmer, the young man asked how he got his
rows plowed so straight.

“It’s easy,” said the old farmer. “You pick out an object at the opposite end of the field
from where you start, such as a tree or fence post, line it up between your mules ears and
go straight to it.”

“I think I will try that,” said the young man. He thanked the farmer and left.

The next week on his way to town the old farmer passed the young man’s field. He
looked at the field to see if the young man had taken his advice on plowing a straight
row. Instead of being straight, each row curved to the right, just like a rainbow.

Upon seeing the young man in town, the farmer asked him about the curve in his rows.

“I followed your advice,” the young man said. “When I started I spotted a cow in the
pasture at the opposite end of the field. I lined her up between my mules ears and
plowed straight to her and that is the way the row turned out.”

The old farmer laughed, and said, “The cow you spotted to line up with was grazing in
the pasture and moving forward as she grazed. You just followed her movement is what
made the curve in your rows. You need to line up with something that doesn’t move.”

Of course, some people did not care about plowing a straight row, saying they could grow
more on a crooked row than a straight one.
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One of Our Reunion's Accomplishment

October 10, 2010

One Reunion Accomplishment

There is one accomplishment that our reunion has achieved. This is the preservation of the 1917 map showing the first land transfer of the Ft. Jackson land from the original owners to the Army.

I had seen this map in the early 1990s. It was stored in the Ft. Jackson Museum and you had to ask to see it. It was about six feet long and maybe three feet wide. After a decision was made to hold our first reunion, Bill Bauer and I visited the museum and asked to see th...

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Biscuit Crust And Black Sweet Coffee

March 18, 2010


Does this sound digestive? Growing up in Lexington County I’m sure there were poorer people. I just can’t name any. My father died when I was four months old and I suppose we were classified as a poor farm family then and it got worst with him gone. I was the baby of four children. I remember my first Christmas. My brother and I were sitting in front of our fireplace eating fruit from a basket. A common dessert for us was crushing biscuit crust into a cup of black sweet coffee and ea...

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I Could Almost See.....

February 14, 2010

As I walked the land of our ancestors I could almost see them going about their daily duties. Stopping before some trees and shrubbery which surely had been an old home site, I could see the old home with the out buildings nearby. The husband plowing in the field as the crows circled overhead, the wife washing clothes outside in the old black wash pot. A small child coming from the barn with a pail of fresh milk and a teenage girl hanging clothes out on the line. On the porch sat an elderly...

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A Habit Not Left At The Front Door

January 23, 2010
Shady Grove School, bordering Camp Jackson, was like most schools in those early days, a one room building with several grades being taught at one time. Caine Drawdy was one of the older students perhaps sixteen or older. It seems that Caine chewed tobacco and something like education was not to stand in his way. Wearing bib overalls he would expectorate down the inside front as needed. I suppose back then as now there are certain habits and things you take with you on your daily journey thro...
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