Blizzard Family

April 24, 2010

The Blizzard Family

of  South Carolina


This is the heritage of SCPO Tillman Blizzard, USN, son of  Purvis Blizzard, Sr. 1910-1985 and Nancy "Nettie" Pool 1908-1984. Tillman and his cousin Pat are  of royal descent from the Emperor Charlemagne through  Tirzah Gunter. Tirzah's ancestor Joshua Gunter came from Virginia, as well as many other Blizzard and Pool related families. Tillman's Blizzard and Pool ancestors were in South Carolina in the mid 1700's. He said his father's family didn't talk about where the family came from, but he thought they were from England. The Blizzard family in England, originated in Brittany, France, where it is pronounced Bliz'zard. But in America it is pronounced "Blizerd" like the snow storm.

Listed in Fairbairn's Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland in England there are two Blizard/Blizzard Crests. One "Blizard" Crest with a Coat of Arms that has the French "Fluer de lis" which is an iris flower and it is also the symbol of France. There is also one "Blizzard" which does not have the French symbol. There are twelve Pool/Poole Crests: two "Pool" Crests, and ten different additional "Poole" family Crests.



Mary Gill Blizzard was native American. I don’t know exactly where other Indian blood is, but it is a tradition of some members of all our family lines. Another tradition is that there were many Romany in our families in the area of Barnwell and Lexington. The Roma were G y-DNA. It makes sense that our Colonial families married Native Americans. They made us who we are and we are proud of it.


Our Blizard ancestors were Haplogroup G-yDNA, and are not connected to the Englishman William Blizzard of Tennessee, who came directly from England to Tennessee, who was Hapolgoup I-yDNA, the only other Blizzard tested for yDNA, so this is the only mention of him on this page.

However, we are connected to Thomas Blizzard born in South Carolina in 1781, who went to Tennessee and got married there before moving on to Alabama where he died in June, 1857. A descendant of this family told me they were "Gypsies." Descendants of other Richland County, SC Blizzards told me their family history is that they are descnded from “Gypsies,” as well.


The South Carolina Blizzards married into families who were Native Americans and probably also related to the Rom from Scotland who settled Allendale in Orangeburg District. South Carolina records state the Allendale Rom came to America from Scotland, and some of our relatives intermarried with them, but, there is no record of a Blizard listed among them.   The Blizzard history is that British soldier Richard Blizard, father of Richard and Thomas Blizard was born in 1701 in Pershore,  Worchestshire, England. Richard was in the military in South Carolina before going to Maryland where he died in Baltimore about 1766.



There were no Blizard families in South Carolina in the early census records, however, there are legal documents that lists them. And yet even the earliest known, Richard Blizard who was born in South Carolina in 1731, is also listed as born in Duplin, North Carolina by some descendants, because that is where he died. Richard moved to North Carolina and died in Duplin Co. in 1782. Thomas Blizard of Darlington District, South Carolina was also born in South Carolina between 1740-50. More about his son Thomas F. Blizard Sr. who went to Alabama, later. Tillman's paternal Blizzard line and his earliest proven ancestor of a census record was Volantini Blizard, son of Jacob Blizard and Mary Gill.

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Campbell Descendant With Legendary Status

March 30, 2010

Thomas Bailey “Bunky” Keels

Florence Keels and I have been emailing about our upcoming reunion for 2010. Her deceased husband was descended from the Campbell family who lived on the Ft. Jackson land. Florence has a wonderful web site with over 10,000 names. I asked her to allow me to visit her site. While I was browsing the site I noticed that there was a picture of legendary country music performer Jim Reeves and his band. One of the band members was Florence’s husband Thomas Bailey "Bunky" Keels. I searched for Bunky Keels and found that he was a talented musician playing the guitar, saxaphone, and electric organ. He also was on Chubby Checker’s hit "The Twist”. Florence lives in Nashville and hopefully she will attend our reunion



February 11, 2010
Thomas Shannon is said to have settled in Fairfield County, SC from Bedford County, Va. prior to the Rev War. He was a captain in the War and was at the Battle of King's Mtn. He also was at the Battle of Mobley Meeting House and participated in engagements in Orangeburg County at Four Holes Swamp. His grandson, David Shannon and wife Sarah Wages moved to the Ft. Jackson land around 1850. It is believed that Charles John Shannon who lived in Kershaw County was also a grandson of Captain Thomas Shannon. Charles John's son, William McCreight Shannon, was killed in the infamous Cash/Shannon Duel. This duel was supposedly the last legal duel fought in SC. Click on blue name headliner to post replies and also to see posted replies.


February 11, 2010
The Wises settled in the Pee Dee area of SC around the mid 1700s. Later John Wise moved on into now Clarendon County. John Henry Wise, b. e1790 and his father John Wise Sr., moved to Bull Swamp in Lexington County around 1810. This area is known today as Swansea, SC. Around 1854 John Wise ,born 1817, being a saw miller decided to move to Richland County. He and family settled on Cedar Creek near the town of Gadsden, SC. He later moved on to the land we know today as Ft. Jackson. He constructed the Messer Mill Pond that is on the post today. John Wise married Mary Leanna Williams, daughter of Elias Williams and Ann Wolfe. John and Mary Williams had a son named John Henry Wise, born in 1853. He lived on Colonel's Creek and operated a milll and store. He married Mary Jane Roberts from Chester County. After the land purchase he and family returned to Swansea where he was born. Click on blue name headliner to post replies and see replies posted.


January 23, 2010
Lillian Ellison
Original name: Mary Lillian Ellison
Birth:  Jul. 22, 1923
Death:  Nov. 2, 2007

Professional Wrestler. Known as "Fabulous Moolah", she was the longest reigning Women's Champion in sports-entertainment history. She began her wrestling career in the 1940s and was the WWE Women's World Champion for 28 years from 1956 to 1984. In 1995, she was inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame, becoming the first female wrestler ever to receive that honor. Ellisor family members say she changed her name from Ellisor to Ellison. Her family has ties to the Ft. Jackson land.Click on blue name headline to post a reply or to see replies posted.(bio by: John "J-Cat" Griffith) 


January 19, 2010
James Cobb settled on Rocky Creek, Wateree River Jan 7, 1758. My Cobb Family lived on Cobb's Mill Pond on what is now Fort Jackson.  Jesse De Bruhl Cobb (b. Oct 31, 1835 d. Sep 27, 1915) fought in the Civil Was for the Confederacy as a member of Company C, Second South Carolina cavalry.He was married to Rebecca Alice Fetner (b.Jan 21, 1842, d. Jun 15, 1904)  their 4Th child was  John Henry Cobb. who was my Grandfather.  My Great grandmother Rebecca  Alice was descended from John Abehart Fetner who served in the Revolutionary War as a fifer at age 17.  This   family  branch came from Hans Vettiner (date unknown late 1600's) from Neuffen Germany 18 miles s. Stuttgart. John Howell has pictures of Jesse De Bruhl and Rebecca Alice Cobb on his site.  The picture  of Jesse De Bruhl  is on display in the South Carolina Museum in the Civil War section in the weapons section. If any one is researching the line of Thomas Edward Cobb (b. 1787) and Mary Van Dora Cole please contact me. My Father was Gary Cobb last child of John Henry and Frances Adeline Hammond. Click on blue name headline to post replies and see replies posted.

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January 11, 2010

A Family Named Simons - Fort Jackson Former Property Owners

The Simons’ family spelling includes Salmonds, Simmons, Simonds and many other variations.   Simons are related to several additional families Belton, Boykin, Canty, Chavis, Fullenwider/Wider/Wilder, Harrell, Harris, Murphy, Outen, Portee, Simons, Taylor, Williams and Wilson who are also descendants of Fort Jackson former property owners .  Minnie Simons Williams, wrote a book titled “A Colloquial History of a Black South Carolina Family Named Simons,” which included family names, pictures, copies of legal documents and stories of the family owned property at Fort Jackson

The family’s first confirmation of the family land was through my grandfather, Isom W. Simons, Fort Jackson’s Curator Bessie Williams who believes that the Isom’s farmland was located at the current location of Fort Jackson’s Museum.  Per the first property purchase map and estate papers of Isom Wesley Simons, my grandfather, there were 82.53 acres purchased by Fort Jackson June 24, 1921, recorded Book CG, page 98. On property currently owned by Fort Jackson were also relatives.

We are researching to prove is that the Isom Wesley Simons secured the farmland from 1) his father, William Henry Simons that 2) William Henry Simons received property from 3) his father John Washington Simons and the possibility that 4) John Washington Simons inherited said property from his father, John Simons (Samons per 1790 census). Click on blue name headliner to post a reply and to see replies.

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January 1, 2010
Dr. Samuel Percival, b, 5/31/1781, received land in 1842 on Gills and Big Jackson Creeks. He married Charlote E. Marshall. His son Gaillard Percival, b, 1830, was living as a farmer in the 1900 census in Center Township on the now Ft. Jackson land . Gaillard was also found in Richland County in the 1850 census. Gaillard married Mary McDonald and had seven children. Land owned by the Percivals near Ft. Jackson is being farmed today by the Monroe family Percival descendants. The following is some of the information I have on Dr. Percival's family.
1. Lt. James Percival, Sr., b. Feb. 1614, VA, d. Aft. 19 Jan 1689, Saconessett, MA
m. Mary (Rainsford) Bassett, b. 1 Jun 1632, Boston, MA, d. 12 Apr 1694, Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
2. James Percival, Jr., b. 18 Jan 1671, Sandwich, Barnstable, MA, d. 19 May 1738, East Haddam, CT
m. Abigail Robinson, b. 20 Mar 1673, Falmouth, Barnstable, MA, d. Aft 1728, East Haddam, CT
3. Capt. John Percival, b 17 Oct 1706, East Haddam, Middlesex, CT, d. 14 Sept 1786, E. Haddam Middlesex Co., CT
m. Hannah Whitmore, b. 11 Sept 1711, Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT, d. 2 May 1803, East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT
4. Dr. Francis Percival, b. 7 Aug 1743, East Haddam, Middlesex, CT, d. 16 Nov 1823, Somers, Tolland Co., CT
m. Miriam Chapman, b. 2 Mar 1749, East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT, d. 20 Mar 1837, Somers, Tolland Co., CT
5. Dr. Samuel Percival, b. 31 May 1781, East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT, d. 30 Dec 1848, Columbia, SC
m. Charlotte Eleanor Marshall, b. 1795 charleston, SC, d. 13 Mar 1864, Columbia, SC
Both are bu. Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery,
Children of Dr. Samuel Percival and Charlotte Eleanor Marshall:
 1. Dr. Willilam Francis Percival, b. 18 Dec 1814, Columbia, Sc, d. 16 May 1872, Aiken, SC
 2. Charlotte Marshall Percival, 24 Dec 1814, Columbia, d. 26 Mar 1899, Columbia, SC
 3. Theodore Marshall Percival, 1817, Columbia, SC, Bet. 1874 - 1880, SC
 4. Clarence A. Percival, b. 1818, d. 5 Jan 1835, Columbia, SC
 5. Edward Samuel Percival, b. 1820, d. 31 Dec 1891, Columbia, SC
 6. Spencer Louis Percival, b. 22 Nov 1821, Spring Bank Plantation, Columbia, SC, d. 13 Feb 1904, York Co., SC
 7. Gaillard Percival, b. Mar 1830, Richland Co., SC, d. 2 Feb 1902, Richland Co., SC
 8. Carrie Eleanor Percival, b. 9 Feb 1832, Columbia, SC, d. 20 Dec 1897, Columbia, SC
 9. Frederick Habershaw Percival, b. 1838, colummbia, SC, d. 21 Nov 1885, Columbia, SC
10. Neville N. Percival, b. 1824, d. 15 Aug 1896, Columbia, SC 

Does anyone know which Percival the road was named after?

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December 27, 2009
Nathan Center, born around 1800, settled in Richland County. He married Charlotte Rives. She was the daughter of Timothy Rives. Nathan's ancestor married into the Thomas Taylor family. Was Center Township of Richland County named after Nathan Center? Click on blue name heading to reply and to see replies.


December 27, 2009
Flemming (Flemmond) Ford was born in 1838. He married Susannah Medlin, daughter of Calvin Medlin. Calvin's parents were Robert and Mary Massey Medlin. Click on blue name heading to reply and see replies.


About Me

I spent my younger days listening to my mother's recollections of her growing up on the land now Ft. Jackson. I remembered many of these stories but like most young people my interest was not the same as it is today. Mother was born in 1900 and was a wealth of information. One day I wondered if there were other people like me who may have interest in rekindling the past of our ancestors. I thought perhaps a reunion would be in order. Our first reunion in 2008 drew 100 people with the 2009 bringing 138. Never would I have ever thought there would be this kind of interest. My wishes are for this reunion to continue so that future descendants will be able to know about and appreciate our ancestors of long ago.
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