How The Campbells Came To The Land We Know As Ft. Jackson

December 7, 2014
The Building of Ft. Congaree #2 At Granby

On May 30th 1747 the Council Journal contained a resolution passed by his Majesty that a palisade at the Congarees be constructed with the aid of an officer and twenty men for protection from the Indians.The officer to carry this order forward would be Captain James Campbell and twenty local inhabitants.  Campbell was Royal Engineer for SC & Ga. Three hundred pounds were set aside for the construction. On February 10th 1748 Captain Campbell was informed and agreed to the three hundred pounds

Campbell had earlier petitioned the governnor on January 12th, 1748 for two hundred and fifty acres. This petition was for land on the Congarees. This was the beginning of the family that would eventually grow and settle on the land known today as Ft. Jackson. 

On February 8, 1748 Campbell presented the plan of the newly constructed fort for approval. Captain James Campbell's white indentured servant was Peter Smith who was overseer of the construction. Smith married Sarah Howell and acquired several tracts of land. His will indicates that he was quite well off. One of his heirs was Captain Campbell's daughter.

The location of Fort Congaree #2 has recently been discovered (2014).

Info courtesy of Florence Keels through The Journal of The Campbells & Allied Families.

John Howell/12/4/2014


Daniel Boone" Brother in SC

November 10, 2014

Samuel Boone, Sr., Brother of Daniel Boone

Samuel Boone, Jr. was born March 21, 1758 on the Yadkin River, North Carolina. Sometime after, his family moved to SC and settled in the Camden District on the Congaree River. He served as a minuteman under Captain Cook as Captain and Malachi Wiston as Lieutenant in the regiment of Colonel Robert Goodwyn, Colonel John Russell commanding. Boone and other militia met at the ‘New Store’ on the Congaree around the first of July 1776. This st...

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Why Do Geese Fly In A V Formation

November 10, 2014
Why do Geese fly in a V Formation?
Messer's Mill Pond pond as well as other ponds of the Land have almost daily occurrence of Geese landing or departing. Their travel is mostly in a V formation if in a large group. Usually you hear their honking as they fly over. I wondered for a long time why they flew that way.

Energy conservation and visual assurance.

Why do geese fly in a V? Because it would be too hard to fly in an S! Just kidding. Scientists have determined that the V-shap...

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Cherokes In SC

November 7, 2014
Hi everyone,

There is much information on Richland County History provided by the group listed below and their link. I wanted to reaffirm that there were Cherokees in SC. I believe this is necessary because of a recent posting on the Reunion's Face Book declaring otherwise.

For a very historical view of Richland County including the Paleoindian Period to modern times click the link and enjoy the results of many people who contributed to this worth while venture.


Upper Ric...

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Colonel Henry Fox

October 31, 2014
· Henry Fox III was born in 1698, and in 1721 he married his first wife, Mary Goodwyn. She became the mother to Unity, Thomas,, Henry, and John. He married his second wife, Martha Keen in 1738 and she was the mother of Temperance, William, and Joseph. In 1720 he moved to the newly formed Brunswick County and became associated with the Virginia Indian Company which had control of all trade with the Indians south of the James River. That is where he became experienced in Indian ...
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Colonel's Creek Baptist Church

October 23, 2014
Colonel's Creek Baptist Church

The church is located 21 miles E. of Columbia, SC. It was founded as Colonel's Creek Missionary Baptist Church organized in 1840. It was a rectangular frame structure 45 x 30 feet with a capacity of 250.The interior was described as plain with rough home made pews built about 1851.The whole church property which includes a one acre cemetery is valued at $1000.

The early history of this church is very obscure. Dr. E. l. Green assisns a much earlier date of 1800 for...

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Dabney Pond Baptist Church History

October 23, 2014
Dabney Pond Church

Dabney Pond Church was built and dedicated in 1867 on four acres given by Jack Pate. The first building was a 30 x 40 feet wooden structure valued at $300. The first Pastor was Calvin Bynum. He pastored from 1867 to 1875. 

This building was torn down in 1907 and a larger one constructed. This building was valued at $1500. Saul Jenkins was pastor 1935-1938.

The location of the church is 18 miles NE of Columbia on the Old camden Rd.

In the same records it was mentioned that the l...

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Breaking DNA News!

October 23, 2014
Ancestry & 23 & Me have dropped their DNA testing programs. They have come to an aggrement with Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) to merge their DNA matches. This will be no charge for the first 20 matches. If someone wants to see all of their matches they can recruit 4 more people to join with them or pay a small fee of $39?. The person who wants this must do an upload. The exciting part of this is that participants and we already FTDNA people may see more matches in our search for our ancestors.
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Springtime Get Together?

October 16, 2014
There are ongoing discussions about our genealogy study group. People who live in driving distance of Columbia could meet and discuss our ancestors who settled the land now Ft. Jackson. Should interest build at these meetings with also interest from our descendants mailing lists on getting together on a larger scale a reunion could be planned. My thoughts on this are that the springtime would be a great time to gather. Also I would like to see an outdoor meeting with indoor back up in case of...
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